International Monetary Funds - Bucharest



Delft University of Technology


September 2016 - January 2017


Public Building Design Studio

Project Name

International Monetary Funds


Bucharest - Romania


Sang Lee
Oscar Rommens
Marc Schoonderbeek
Filippo Maria Doria


In this project a new headquarters of the IMF was to be designed in the old center of Bucharest. Since Romania is one of IMF's biggest debtors and the IMF is a rather western-oriented institute, to locate the new headquarters in the capital of Romania would be merely an expression of power and feature a lack of programmatic function. But what is left of architecture in lack of a programmatic function? What remains is the sensational. The project therefore aims to express the absence through the actor's perception and experience.

By focusing on the affects of man by its environment, certain aspects of the later developed theories in 'The Crucifix Glitch' and 'Man and Architecture' are already present in this project. It triggered the interest and explorations in the reciprocal relation between man and its environment.