Man and Architecture



Delft University of Technology


February 2017 - January 2018


Architecture Theory Thesis

Project Name

Man and Architecture


Stavros Kousoulas
Barbara Prezelj


Architecture and organics share certain inherent characteristics which are evidently connected with each other. This thesis aims to investigate the relation between architecture and the organic characteristics of man. Organisms possess bodies which select certain aspects from an otherwise incomprehensible environment and subsequently translates them in order to be perceived. The organism is defined by its relation with its surroundings. They’ve evolved according to contingent processes and the succeeding phenotypical trial in the relation with the environment. This process has accelerated since man’s intervention by selectively breeding of animals and harvesting of crops in artificial selection, and has lost its contingency by genetic engineering in an intelligent selection. By man’s invention of the flint tool a process of exteriorization was initiated. Function, memory, and eventually evolution became exteriorized through technics the epiphylogenetic memory in man’s environment. Evident reflections of the environment can be found in organisms which have evolved as a result of contingent genetic mutations and their phenotypical wager in its environment. Therefore knowledge about these abstract reflections and their environmental origins is required in order to design the environment.