Municiple Services Sanctuary - Hong Kong



Delft University of Technology


February 2017 - July 2017


On Site: Design Research in Emerging Contexts

Project Name

Municiple Services Sanctuary


Hong Kong (S.A.R.) - People's Republic of China


Stefano Milani
Patrick Hwang


Being born and risen in the Netherlands means being used to flat landscapes and open skies. To arrive with such a background in a city where residential high rises have conquered the skies and where one can entirely reside inside because of the continuously connected built environment has an overwhelming impact. This proposal for a municiple services building (MSB) aims to provide an alternative space to temporarily escape these conditions. A MSB is a typology specific to Hong Kong in which the municipality provides certain services to the residents as sports facilities, a library, and a lecture hall. This MSB is located in the commercial center of a yet to be developed area of Hong Kong. Underneath a large dome on which an eternally twilighting sky is projected the several functions are located in glass boxes on a rammed earth monolith.