The Crucifix Glitch



Delft University of Technology


October 2016 - January 2017


Seminar Architectural Reflections

Project Name

The Crucifix Glitch


Filippo Maria Doria


According to several architectural theorists architecture is intrinsically bound with nature. The right angle does physically not occur in nature, yet it is widely applied in architecture. To investigate why and how this evolved this has been explored in a literary and philosophical research. The right angle, as lines and surfaces, are subjective descriptions of a perceived world which is composed differently, and therefore does not exist physically. In nature orthogonality can be found descriptively, in gravitropism, symmetry, or the relation of an organism's axis. This orthogonality seems to increase according to the extent of consciousness. In architecture the physical right angle emerged out of structural, practical and economical reasons. It is digitalization, ironically, that elaborates us from these Euclidean restrictions.